Our education lawyers help educational institutions, ranging from preschools to graduate schools, prepare for and resolve complicated legal matters. Our education litigation practice provides representation to academic institutions facing a wide variety of claims, including student harassment, retaliation and discrimination claims, contract claims and employment claims.

A large part of our education law practice involves counseling schools for the purpose of avoiding litigation. We counsel schools on compliance with various legal requirements, including Title IX of the Education Amendments, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title II of the Americans with Disability Act, the Age Discrimination Act, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Washington Law Against Discrimination and other statutory and regulatory requirements. We also partner with our clients to ensure their policy and procedures of all kinds are compliant with both the law and best practices. We also advise schools on a wide range of challenges that schools face on a regular basis. 

Our experienced education law attorneys also act as neutral investigators for educational institutions. Such investigations are aimed at discerning the truth in complicated disputes in the educational setting. 

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